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A2 Ghee in Ahmedabad
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Go Amrut

"Go Amrut" Dairy Products is based in Ahmedabad. We are producers of organic A2 Cow Milk Products. Our Primary Products are A2 Cow Milk, A2 Ghee, and A2 Butter. All of our products are made from the purest unadulterated A2 Gir Cow Milk.

We take pride in our dedication to giving our consumers the best organic A2 cow milk products possible. We think that by supplying organic A2 cow milk products to our clients, we are not only giving them healthier options but also helping to protect the environment. Selected retailers in Ahmedabad deliver our products to ensure safety, and for your convenience, we also provide home delivery services. today and taste the difference by attempting our A2 cow milk products!

About Us

Our Story

Amrut is a Sanskrit word depicting a "Nector or Drink" with the rejuvenating powers to make any living being immortal. And Go comes from the Sanskrit word "गौ" meaning cow, and thus comes "Go Amrut".

We started "Go Amrut" with the intention to provide nutrition through the purest A2 Cow Milk Products.

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A2 Ghee in Ahmedabad

Organic A2 Milk & Ghee in Ahmedabad


From our family farm right to your doorstep.

A2 milk in Ahmedabad

Go Amrut is a dependable supplier of premium organic A2 milk if you're seeking for it in Ahmedabad. Go Amrut is committed to providing A2 milk that is fresh, pure, organic, and from Gir cows that are kept in a healthy environment. Go Amrut's A2 milk is free of hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives.

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A2 milk in Ahmedabad

Our A2 Gir Cow Ghee is manufactured using the ancient "Bilona" process and is an essential source of flavor and holistic sustenance. Our A2 Gir Cows are allowed to graze freely on wide-open pastures, assisting them in choosing their food and staying stress-free and healthy.

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Go Amrut A2 Milk and Ghee

To produce pure, genuine butter, we adhere to the ancient methods. Whole Pure A2 Desi Cow Milk with full cream is allowed to curd overnight. We use the traditional bilona method to churn set curd in a wooden churner in order to separate the butter from the curd. This butter is delicious and healthy. All age groups, but notably developing children, need this. It aids in bodily growth overall and brain development.

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What Makes A2 Milk and A2 Ghee Special?

Gujarat, in western India, is home to a rare breed of cow known as the Gir Cow also known as the A2 Gir Cow. These cows have two copies of the beta-casein gene, which allows them to produce A2 milk. Because of this, A2 Cow Milk has A2 beta-casein, which makes up 80% of the milk's total protein content. Regular intake of A2 Gir Cow Milk and A2 Ghee lowers the incidence of breast and skin cancer, improves brain function, promotes digestion, eases joint pain, treats asthma, enhances the immune system, lowers acidity, and eases asthma symptoms. A2 Ghee is full of antioxidents and massage with A2 Ghee is beneficial for babies as well as elderly people suffering from joint aches